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System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements:

486 or equivalent CPU

Windows 3.X, Windows 95, Windows 98

8 megabytes of memory

Local or Network Hard drive

1 Serial port

1 Hard copy printer or Invoice printer TA

Recommended items:
1. Windows printer
2. Backup unit

Currently available for:
SABRE reservation system
Other Systems available soon

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Have you ever wished you could find an invoice and print a copy really quickly, without having to search through dusty copies in packed up boxes?

Have you ever wished you could retrieve the history of a PNR that has been purged from your computer system?

If your answers to any of 
these questions are


then 'lets get automated' and talk about


Designed to allow users full retrieval of  Invoices from the invoice module, or PNR history from the history module.

SOFTCOPY is a user friendly, state of the art database that lets you have access to important agency information on your computer, at your finger tips.

Invoice Module

The Invoice Module gives you the ability of capturing all invoices generated to your computer disk for easy access. Eliminating the need for paper storage.

Finding invoices becomes as easy as clicking a button. You can sort by invoice number, invoice date, name, form of payment, and departure date.

You can mark invoices refunded, voided, exchanged, reconciled, or disputed and you can Undo any change. You can also send an invoice to any Windows printer.

There are basic reporting capabilities provided. Customized reporting will be offered for a fee.

Archive/Unarchive capabilities keep your system current and give you access to any old invoice data.

PNR Module

The PNR Module gives you the ability to retrieve the history of any PNR that has been purged from your reservation computer system.

Sorts can be ordered by name and departure date. View a PNR and see all passenger data as you would in your reservation system: PNR, history, fares, ticket records, etc.

Print to any Windows printer.

PNR data is automatically archived by date.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to protect the interest of your agency and your clients with on-line PNR history?

Well it has never been easier.

Call for more information.

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 Invoice Softcopy Demonstration Program